The Handles

The following drawings have been taken from some rather indistinct originals, but hopefully the details are clear enough.

Some of the dimensions in the 2 different drawings of each handle appear to contradict each other. I do not know which is correct, but I will try and measure some wheels and ammend the drawings if there is a clear error. If anyone can confirm or clarify the dimensions please let me know.



The handles are made from steel to specification DIN2458 ST 37.2

The tube has a diameter of 26.9 mm and a wall thickness of 2.6 mm


Rung (outer) Handle
Rim (inner)Handle

The distance between the rims varies with different sized wheels as shown above.

A wheels 1.60m and less
B Wheels 1.65m to 1.9m inclusive
C Wheels 1.95m and above